Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Prostac is a lotion and is intended for external use only. It has to be applied on the area of prostate and positive output can be observed as a result of its application. Also the change in the size of prostate can be seen as a result of its usage and reduction in size of prostate is seen.

It is low in price so it should remain within the reach of all the patients, the application of the medicine will last for six months on daily basis with an assurance of gradual reduction of  infection  and you will also be told about the exercise which you have to do while using this lotion. And you can use the prescribed medicines (if any), and follow up an ultrasound every six months, you will find a substantial change in the size of the prostate. There are no side effects on using the prescribed medicines. After six months of using this lotion you will find an enormous change in the size of prostate as it is assured.

People from other cities than Rawalpindi/Islamabad will be delivered this medicine via TCS and local people should visit me personally so that they should be guided about the exercise.

Thank you.

Fareed Ali Khan

For people from Pakistan please dial 
Mob no.    0321-5525743  
Landline      051-5523265

For Foreign Countries please dial
for mobile  0092 321 5525743
for landline 0092 51  5523265